Uniform Policy

Bridesburg School Mandatory Uniform Policy

Please be advised that the Board of Education adopted a resolution that requires all schools to implement a uniform policy. We believe that this policy will assist in creating a positive climate where students can focus on learning. The school uniform is as follows:

 Elementary School

(For K through 5th- grade students only)

·      Plain black button collared shirt (Golf Type).  Shirts can also be purchased at the school.
·      Khaki pants, shorts, skirts, jumpers.  Shorts, skirts etc. must be knee length.
·      Black shoes or sneakers

Middle School Students (Grades 6-8)

·      White button down shirts.
·      Solid black tie
·      Navy blue slacks or jeans
·      Black shoes / Black or White sneakers

All students: 

Gym uniform:  On days when students are scheduled for Physical Education, they are permitted to wear gym attire and sneakers.  The uniform consists of black sweat pants or black shorts, and a yellow tee shirt.


  • Large, overly ornate jewelry is not permitted.  Hats and other headwear are  prohibited in the school building (Except for religious purposes).
  • Students are not permitted to bring purses or handbags to school.
  • If a student does not adhere to the uniform policy, an adult will be contacted to bring an appropriate change of clothes for the student.
  • Students who repeatedly violate the uniform policy will be subject to other sanctions, including but not limited to loss of trip privileges and exclusion from other special school activities.