Regular Dismissal Procedures

Please be prompt when picking up children.  After 3:09p.m. All students will be escorted to the office.

Please refrain from parking in the teacher’s parking lot or on the sidewalk on Jenks or Almond Streets.  For safety reasons, exiting the yard to the teacher’s parking lot is not permitted.

You are strictly forbidden to park on the sidewalk on Jenks or Almond Streets at any time.  Philadelphia Police will be notified and cars will be ticketed.

Early Dismissals

Please notify the teacher in writing of any anticipated early dismissals. Only adults, 18 years and older who are listed on the Emergency Form are allowed to pick up a child during school hours. Please have your photo I.D. ready. No student will be released without proper Identification.

Inclement Weather

Teachers will escort students to the exit doors at dismissal.  In order to provide a safe and orderly dismissal during inclement weather, parents/guardians must wait behind the white lines in the schoolyard or cones in the courtyard.

Parents must meet their children outside.  Please be patient until children are dismissed.  Parents are not permitted to enter the building at this time.

Snow DaysIn the event of excessive snow, all students in the main building will be dismissed to the schoolyard via the library hallway doors.