Our Faculty and Staff

Administrative Staff

 Principal James Serpiello  Main Building/Annex
Assistant Principal John Reese Annex
Dean of Students Dara Savage Main Building

Support Personnel

Secretary Lorraine Green Main Campus
Secretary Jessica Diaz PJP Campus
Special Ed. Liaison Caitlin Murphy 216B
Dean of Students/Testing Dara Savage 100D
School Climate Liaison Andra Sweeney 216B
Psychologist Tamika Johnson 205B
School Nurse Cathy Taggert 112
Counselor  Jessica Moss 110
CLI Early Literacy Specialist Candace Curran 113
Gifted Support/Testing/MTSS Liaison Sharon Shea Main Campus

Instructional Staff

Kindergarten Haley Murphy Room 5
Kindergarten Eva Harting Room 6
Kindergarten Megan Boetefuer Room 7
Grade 1 Roxanne Putro Room 9
Grade 1 Linda Morris Room 14
Grade 1 Kathleen O’Hanlon Room 15
Grade 2 Tina Baldwin Room 10
Grade 2 Jessica Murphy Room 8
Grade 2 Beth Ann Fath Room 12
Grade 3 Elyse Unrath Room 200
Grade 3 Maryann Cardia Room 202
Grade 3 Karen Luongo Room 203
Grade 4 Bridget Dougherty Room 104
Grade 4 Kelly McKenna Room 106
Grade 4 Jenna Zenszer Room 107
Grade 5 Tara McKeever Room 204
Grade 5 Victoria Schmid Room 211
Grade 5 Jennifer Murphy Room 206
Grade 6 Lauren Yeiter Room 208
Grade 6 Shannon McLinden Room 210
Grade 6 Claire Colflesh Room 212
Grade 6 Lou Depa Room 207
Grade 6 James Coccio Room 209
Grade 7 Math Arielle Peterson Room 213
Grade 7 Science Mary Kate Sincavage Room 214
Grade 7 Literacy Melissa Lopez Room 215
Grade 7 Social Studies Gregory Briskin Room 218
Grade 8 Math/Algebra James Mchale Room 220
Grade 8 Literacy Danielle Delaney Room 217
Grade 8 Science Mary Kate Sincavage Room 214
Grade 8 Social Studies Gregory Briskin Room 218

Specialized Instructional Staff

Learning Support (K-2) Julie Brahmstedt Room 4
Learning Support (5-6) Cecilia Bonfante Room 102
Learning Support (7-8) Adam Chosed Room 201
Learning Support (3-4) Paris Beissel Room 105
Learning Support/SEL Caitlin Murphy Room 216
Autistic Support (K-2) Brianna Cassidy Room 1
Autistic Support (3-4) Patricia Whelan Room 109
Autistic Support (3-5) Paula Baumann Room 115

Instructional Support Staff

Speech Michael McDonald Room 113
Hearing Joanne Barnum-Webb
Classroom Assistant (1:1) Kelly Minkiewicz Grade 8
Classroom Assistant Blerta Kostandini Room 115
Classroom Assistant Cynthia Hammel Room 109
Classroom Assistant Jane McGlynn Room 1
Classroom Assistant Shannon Kennedy Room 115
Classroom Assistant (1:1) Bethany Sanders
Classroom Assistant (1:1) Markia Allen-Harvey Room 301
Classroom Assistant (1:1) VACANCY Room 301

Specialist Teachers

Computer Science Kelly Ward Room 205
Art Daniel Duffy Room 114/Float
Physical Education/Health (K-2) Evan Steiger Gym (PJP)
Physical Education/Health (3-8) Brian Cavanaugh Gym (Main)
 Vocal Music Devin Diaz Room 109/Float
Writing Enrichment Margaret Fox Room 103/Float
Instrumental Music Agnes Kline
Instrumental Music Sabrina Huber

Support Positions

Climate Support Staff Suzanne Sandlin Annex
Climate Support Staff Barbara Golden Annex
Climate Support Staff Herman Smith Annex
Climate Support Staff Joseph Kist Main
Climate Support Staff Stacey Petrovia Main
Climate Support Staff Kimberly Hedgepeth Main
Climate Support Staff Sherry Meade Main
Climate Support Staff Kimberly Diviny Main

Maintenance Staff

Building Engineer Richard Ballard Room 400
Custodial Assistant Barry Hampton
Custodial Assistant Kiara Torres-Pichardo
Custodial Assistant Kimbery Cheatom
General Cleaner Lenore Wiles
General Cleaner Nafis Pugh
General Cleaner Jeffrey Watson

Food Service

Food Service Manager Aisha Green Main Cafeteria
Food Service Manager Rhonda Hammond Annex Cafeteria
Food Service Asst. Patrice Johnson