Student at computer


Discipline Code


We expect that all students will act as good citizens by following the school rules:

1.  Arrives at school on time every day.

2.  Attends school daily.

3.  Brings a note if late or absent.

4.  Comes prepared with books, pencils and copybooks carried in a book bag.

5.  Pays full attention to the teacher in every class.

6.  Carries a hall pass when excused from a room by a teacher.

7.  Walks in a quiet orderly manner in the building.

8.  Plays cooperatively in the yard (using appropriate language)

9.  Uses good manners everyday while at school.

10. Solves problems without hurting other children.

11. Speaks and acts respectfully to all adults and students.

12. Keeps our school clean inside and outside.

13. Talks proudly about our school.