Staff Spotlight

On Fridstudent and teacheray, February 23rd I interviewed Mrs. Lopez and gathered some information to profile her, Mrs. Lopez has had problems in her life but through determination and hard work she has overcome everything and succeeded when others doubted her. Mrs. Lopez had undiagnosed Dyslexia for a lot of her life and was called “stupid” and her parents were told, “She is too stupid to amount to anything, you better hope she keeps her cute looks or else she won’t be able to find a husband.” She strove to prove them wrong and was accompanied by genius’s including her younger cousin who skipped a few grades and landed in her cousin’s class. Mrs. Lopez went through school and succeeded in reading by using her great auditory memory. Mrs. Lopez had many troubles in elementary school. She had some good teachers and bad ones, the bad ones outnumbered the good and she was determined not to let that affect future generations to come. When I asked her who her idol was I got the response Eleanor Roosevelt and when she explained why I realised why she did. Eleanor Roosevelt had to live up to her family name. Mrs. Lopez has gotten through her life because of her determination to succeed where people though she wouldn’t. Mrs. Lopez experiences have also led her to become a great teacher and offers advice to everyone trying to become one. Volunteer as a sub and a teacher’s aide, these experiences will help better prepare you for the sometimes chaotic job that is teaching. Mrs. Lopez also told me about her first day teaching and what she did and expected from her class. She didn’t know what to expect her first day and was nervous.
Mrs. Lopez answered almost comically, “I threw up twice on the way to school.” She was nervous but by volunteering and being a teacher’s aide, she was ready and already knew a few of the kids and even knew a few of the kids parents from high school. She eventually got used to the kids and became comfortable in their presence. When I asked Mrs. Lopez about the relationship she wanted to have with her students she told me that she had an on and off mode when it came to her students, she likes to use her jokes, references, and knowledge to create a comfortable environment for students to learn. Her joyous attitude can be turned into a strict by the book attitude if she understands that her class would just take advantage of her being nice and lighthearted. All in all Mrs. Lopez is a talented teacher who not only teaches the subject but teaches valuable life lessons that no one can forget.